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What Can I Give My Cat If It Has Worms

If your cat has worms, it’s important to take steps to clean your house and prevent the spread of the infection. The first step is to remove all of the feces from your home. This can be done by scooping it up with a shovel and disposing of it in a plastic bag. Next, you’ll need to disinfect all of the surfaces in your home. Knowing what type of worm a cat has is not just an academic exercise because different worms need different types of anthelmintic (a medication that kills worms) to kill them.

However, in the first instance it helps if you, as an owner, are suspicious that your cat has worms. As you can imagine this can cause some serious complications. Giardia. This parasite is not a worm but a protozoal organism and goes by the nickname “beaver fever” as it can be spread by beavers. Cats can get it by drinking from contaminated water sources.

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