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Make Your Health A Priority!

Updated: May 31, 2018

Living a healthy lifestyle is not always convenient or easy because we all have busy lives. As a married couple, we have so many obligations to fulfill on a daily basis. We work full time jobs, raise a kid, and many other responsibilities, too many to list. Oftentimes, we put ourselves last on the list. After working a full time job and navigating through rush hour traffic, the last thing we want to do is exercise. However, we’ve made a commitment to ourselves and must make time to improve and maintain our overall health. We enjoy working out together as a couple but it’s not a cake walk. There are pros and cons to working out with your spouse.

The cons; We work different shifts so we do not arrive to the gym after work at the same time. Most days there is at least a 45 minute difference but we make it work by making adjustments to our workout. Additionally, since we workout in a public gym, we don’t always agree with the exercise variations. There are times when certain exercise equipment is not available due to peak hours at the gym and we have to make last minute changes that we may not always agree on.

The pros; Working out as a couple is fun, it creates an automatic accountability partner, strengthens your bond, helps with stress levels, and helps you work on achieving shared goals. TEAMWORK! The advantages of working out together far exceeds the disadvantages. Just remember that there are no shortcuts. A healthy lifestyle takes commitment and you will have to make sacrifices to make health a priority.

Team Black 

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1 Comment

Rheiko Jackson
Rheiko Jackson
Jun 27, 2018

I am loving the blog! The "what are you eating" is making me realize I must get this in check.

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