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New Year, New Me...

Once the new year rolls around many will set a New Year’s resolution to lose weight, start a fitness journey, kick the bad habits, and eat healthier. We believe it’s great to set new goals each year but want to make sure you have the tools.

As we approach the New Year, we believe it’s a good time to revisit this topic and provide tips to help you accomplish your goals.

Note: Remember that your goals should be SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time Bound.

1. Eat Clean/Meal Prep.

Eat lean meats and whole foods. Avoid fast food, fried foods, processed foods, soda, white sugar, white bread, white rice, white potato, white pasta, and alcohol. Cook your own meals so that you know exactly what's in it. Limit your carbohydrates to mainly complex carbs. See links below.

2. Do not skip meals.

Your metabolism slows down and you tend to overeat when you skip meals.

3. Drink lots water.

Drink at least half your body weight in ounces. Do not add sweeteners. Limit your coffee intake. See water calculator.

4. Be Active/Exercise.

Find an activity that you enjoy and do it consistently (3-5 days per week)

Don’t be intimidated by the gym because honestly no one is there to judge you; we all have the same goal and there are professionals that can help you reach your goals.

5. Find a support group.

Surround yourself with people who support your goals and who will keep you accountable. Weight Watchers, friends, social media, or mate. Remember this is still your journey and you must continue with or without support.

6. Consistency is key.

You will not see the changes overnight so your determination, consistency, and hard work is key.

7. Trust the process.

Be sure to educate yourself because there are no quick fixes. Stay away from fad diets that are sustainable and could possibly be harmful to your overall health eventually. The internet is a great resource.

Wishing you much success on your journey to a healthier lifestyle. Remember progress not perfection.



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