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Stop Food Shaming

Did you know there was such a thing called “food shaming”? Food-shaming is criticizing someone for eating something that doesn't match his or her own definition of what food is "good".

This has become the norm for us and we are sure others can relate.

You’ve heard the comments, “Why are you eating like that”? “Why are you eating that little bird food”? “That just seems extreme”! “Here come the health nuts with their healthy food”!

People will always have something to say so you must be confident in your choices and not be easily swayed. No one should feel ashamed or guilty because of their food or lifestyle choices whether you consider it “healthy” or “unhealthy”. This also applies to keto, vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian, carnivores, other lifestyles. Let people do what works for them.

Be mindful of the comments that you make about people’s lifestyle choices. People get to choose what they eat and should not be judged or hear the negative remarks. You never know if the lifestyle people choose is because of health or dietary needs.

Remember to eat what you think is right for you and let people eat what they believe is right for them. Enjoy your food and let others enjoy theirs.


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