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Tame the Mane

How do you maintain your hair while working out? This is a commonly asked question that I’m asked because of my active lifestyle. I completely understand the dilemma. I too want to always look polished and hair is a huge factor. Additionally, we invest our money at the hair salon and want to make sure that we get your money’s worth.

I'm sweat alot and especially in my head. Prior to getting serious about my health and fitness goals I would go weeks without working out after a visited the hair salon. Why? I didn’t want to ruin my hairstyle. We spend our hard earned money and want the hair style to last. Well, I'm no longer in that place where I'm more concerned with my hair than health. Fitness is a part of my everyday life so I had to make the necessary adjustments at home so that I can maintain my hair and stillworkout.

Here’s how I maintain short relaxed hair;

1. I visit the hair salon to get the works (relaxer, haircut, rinse, etc.) every 8 weeks or so. It’s mainly for the haircut because I maintain my hair good on my own.

2. I wash my hair weekly. (I don’t use any fancy shampoo and conditioner just what’s on sale) 3. I relax my sides and back as needed with regular box perm from the beauty supply store. 4. I wrap my hair nightly with a head scarf. (Just one that I’ve had a long time)

5. On the days that I work out I mold my hair with wrap lotion post workout (Nairobi is the only brand that I use). Why? This lotion does not leave my hair hard and brittle. It dries quickly and leaves the hair nice and shiny afterwards.

6. I use the mega wrap strips to help my hair lay down smoothly. (I use mega because my head is big and these don’t tear easily) 😂

7. I try not to use heat on my hair therefore I keep it cut short (pixie haircut is bae). In my opinion, if you have a good haircut, heat is not always needed. Too much heat is not healthy and will eventually damage your hair especially if its color treated like mine. I know that are lots of people who do not relax their hard and get protective styles to help when working out. Currently, I'm rocking box braids and its saved me so much time.

Whatever your hair preference (natural or relaxed) don't let your hair be the reason you give up on health and fitness goals. Hair is just not that crucial.


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