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Why Team Black Lifestyle?

Updated: Apr 13, 2019

For a very long time, we’ve had a passion for fitness. We knew that we were supposed to help others in some form as it relates to a healthy lifestyle, but was unsure of exactly what we needed to do. We began sharing our weight loss journey on Instagram 4 years ago. We weren't new to fitness, but often sabotaged our efforts in the gym with bad eating habits. Once we changed our lifestyle and diet the results were undeniable.

If you’ve followed us on Instagram, you’ve seen daily posts about nutrition, fitness, and our vlogs. We wanted to be able to share more and impact a larger audience, therefore we created Team Black Lifestyle blog and YouTube channel. Sharing our journey on social media is very rewarding because so many people have been inspired to start their own journey which is why we decided to start Team Black Lifestyle.

We love to show others that you can make health a priority while still enjoying life and not feeling deprived.

We look forward to sharing more tips, recipes, and other helpful info.

Team Black

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