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January was Heavy!!

Happy February 2020.

January was heavy!! With the unexpected loss of a close friend and the tragic loss of Kobe Bryant, GiGi Bryant, and the 7 other individuals in a helicopter crash we can all agree that tomorrow is not promised. We must cherish every moment and make everyday count. Play time is over, it's time to get your life in order.

Reflecting on 2019, there were good, tough, and stagnant times. How we dealt with each of those times determines how much work that we have to do in 2020 in order to have a productive year. 

The good times!  It’s important to make sure that we take the time to celebrate life’s victories no matter the size.  As the saying goes, “Life is short”  taking the opportunity to enjoy any accomplishment or milestone when it presents itself is imperative because tomorrow is not promised to any of us.  Taking the time to create those great memories of self, family or friends is key to a successful year.

The tough times! Life is life! We all take losses or have setbacks. Dealing with losses is tough but we have to know that tough times don’t last always. We must understand that they shape us and develop our character. It causes us to become more aware of life, thus being “life’s lessons”.

The stagnant times! The times when we become complacent and satisfied with being where you are in life.  To get through the stagnant times we must be aware of the concept of time running out. We must set goals for ourselves for the year and a timeline of achievement.

January is behind us. Let's make the rest of 2020 an amazing year. Let's put in the work to achieve the goals that we set at the beginning of the year. Let’s all believe in God to cover our spouses, children, family and friends with good health and prosperity in all aspects of their lives. 

In 2020, let’s be more intentional and dedicated. Set achievable goals, rededicate yourself to your happiness and well being.



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