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Meal Prep Tip #1

Do you find meal prep to be overwhelming? We believe that you should have some type of strategy when tackling your weekly batch meal prep. You shouldn't cringe at the thought of meal prep. If you purchased our ebook you know how important meal prep is on your healthy lifestyle journey.

After you’ve decided on your menu and made your weekly grocery run whats next?

Here’s how to get started.

1. Preheat your oven so that you’re not waiting for it to heat up later.

2. Tackle the things that are most time consuming which is usually produce.

3. Gather all of the tools that you need. (Cutting board, knife, peelers, etc)

4. Clean and dry the produce to prepare for chop and prep. Depending on your menu, chopping could take anywhere from 15-30 mins

The good thing about tackling produce first is you can focus on your other menu items and not have to juggle chopping and prep at once.

Everyone’s meal prep will be different but this is just a tip that has helped us a long the way.

Stay tuned for more meal prep tips to make your next meal prep go a little smoother.

Team Black

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