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The Lack of Support

Growing up we were always taught that family should always stick together, support each other, and be encouraging. When you are going through tough times or want to share exciting news we look to our support system for comfort and support. Unfortunately, people aren’t always going to be happy for you or support you even if its family and/or friends. People do not always practice what they preach. Sometimes those are the same people that you willingly supported in their relationship, business venture, and personal accomplishments. What happens when the people closest to you disappoint you and are not supportive?

Tips to help you cope with family and/or friends who are not supportive.

1. Self-Check.

No one wants to support someone who comes off as arrogant or believe you are better than others. Make sure you’re not the reason others are not supporting you.

2. Communicate your concerns.

If the lack of support is hurtful then have a conversation with the family member or friend. Remember that your feelings aren’t facts and awareness may spark change.

3. Acceptance.

Accept the fact that they will not support you and let it go. Resenting your family or friend will not change their behavior.

4. No approval needed.

Remember that their approval is not needed for you to succeed in life or to be happy.

5. Set boundaries.

If you know that you won’t be supported, then stop sharing your plans or spending a lot of time with individuals who are not supportive.

6. Expand your network.

Find other individuals who are like minded that share the same interests. There so many support groups, organizations, and or even strangers that are willing to support your efforts.

7. Don’t take it personally.

Often times people are dealing with their own struggles and insecurities and those around them become targets. Sometimes people can't be happy for you because they aren't happy with themselves.

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