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Meal Prep Tips

Happy Sunday!! As we prepare for the week, I wanted to share tips for anyone looking to start meal prep. So many people dread the thought of weekly meal prep. It’s usually because they dislike cooking or just don’t have time to do it. Truth be told, I’m not jumping up and down excited about meal prep either. However, I know that meal prep is the only way to set myself for a successful week and to help me reach my health and nutrition goals. I think the best way to tackle meal prep is to plan accordingly. Just like you plan your workouts and which muscle groups to train you should plan and prioritize your meal prep. I think you should plan your meals, pick a day to shop, and pick a day to prep meals. I recommend you shop and prep on different days to make the process less overwhelming. I usually plan my meals out and shop on the same day. I meal prep the foods the following day. For example, last night I cleaned and marinated my protein for today’s meal prep. I only prepped protein because it takes the longest to prep. Since we are working from home we can easily prep veggies and complex carb throughout the week. Prepping protein ahead of the time helps to save time and also if you’re a person that gets bored with your prepped food by midweek, prepping protein you have an opportunity to modify the meal by changing up the sides throughout the week. Whatever you decide just take baby steps and eventually the process will get easier. The only way to reach your health and fitness goals is to fuel your body with nutritious meals. Meal prepping ensures that you have healthy meals

available at all times. Wishing you much success on your journey.

Much love,


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Feb 06, 2021

You’re welcome.


Oyin Ortiz
Oyin Ortiz
Jan 24, 2021

Thank you for this!

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