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Money and Marriage

Updated: Apr 8, 2019

Did you know that money matters is the 2nd leading cause for divorce behind infidelity? Financial stress is common in a lot of marriages at some point. But how you choose to deal with money matters will make the difference in the long haul.

The following tips can help you fight and avoid financial stress in your marriage.

1. Communicate.

Do not hide money or debt from your spouse. Talk openly about your finances on a regular basis and do not keep secrets. Hiding information from your spouse can lead to bigger issues down the road and could cause trust issues in the relationship.

2. Set Goals.

Make sure you and your spouse have the same goals and mindset about money. Set specific goals (savings, tackling debt, large purchases, vacation, etc) that you both agree upon and can commit to. The goals should be sustainable and realistic.

3. Create Separate Bank Accounts.

Create some structure and decide who will be responsible for paying the household bills. In most marriages there‘s usually one spouse who manages money better and that's okay. Open a bill account to ensure that all of your household bills are covered. Keep your own separate personal accounts and create a savings account. At the end of the day, you must create a system that works best for your household.

4. Create A Budget.

Create a budget and stick to it. In order to reach goals you must budget and prepare for a rainy day. Things happen unexpectedly so you have stay prepared and have that emergency fund available. There are tons of smartphone apps to help you with your budget that can track your accounts and spending.

5. Live within your means.

Don’t try to keep up with The Joneses. Don't start your marriage off spending thousands of dollars on a wedding that you can't afford or taking lavish trips that you can't afford. You know what you can afford so don’t try to do what you see other people doing. Only you know what your income can afford.

6. Seek Help.

Educate yourself about money and seek help if you find yourselves in a situation where you can’t seem to get out of. There are books, online tools, and professionals that can assist you with your finances.

7. Honor God.

We believe that you honor God when you put him first. Our belief is that when you put God first in your finances by tithing he will supply all of your needs. No matter what your religious beliefs are understand that it’s better to give than to receive. Whether you choose to give to your favorite charity, the less fortunate, church, or organization you're still giving back to the community. Remember that God is the source and your job, business, etc is the resource.

8. Be Grateful.

Be grateful for what you do have versus what you don’t. There is always room to progress in life but money should not be your main focus. Focus on the love and support of your spouse and family. Focus on the things that money can‘t buy. Finances is a very important factor in marriage but not the only thing you should be focused on daily. Don’t allow money ruin your marriage.

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