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Relationships in Quarantine

Hello guys, we hope that everyone is safe and doing well in these days and times.  Well, the summer is coming to an end and we are 5 months into quarantine. Yes, Team Black Lifestyle is still quarantining. Quarantine has been a difficult transition for everyone and we are no different.  Even though we love and enjoy each other, being together 24/7 has presented its challenges. Being with anyone that much can make you hypersensitive to any quirk that someone may have. As a result, this quarantine transitioned us both to work from home.  The home was our peaceful place, our escape. Home is now the office. There is no separation between the two. We’ve both had moments when we got frustrated with each other and lashed out. As you can imagine things around the house have gotten quite tense at times. Maintaining a healthy relationship in this environment is hard to do. 

We would like to share to tips that we use to help us try to be better and be more sensitive to each other’s needs. 

1. Extend each other a little more grace. We’re not saying to not call out a mistake by your partner. But remember that we’re living in different circumstances. Everyone deals with stress and pressure in different ways. Rather than reacting from the emotion of the moment, try to choose your words or be mindful of your tone so that it does not grow into a bigger argument. 

2. Be thankful.  Use as much energy as to can to focus on the positives. Your faith, your health, your partner, the love from family and friends. You’re not alone. Try not to let the negative thoughts consume you which can contribute to an overall toxic environment. 

3. Have a date night. Although masks are a requirement when going out in public, restaurants are now open again with dining room capacity restrictions. The best way to ensure that you get a table at your favorite dining establishment is to make a reservation. Get cleaned up or sharp as a tack and step out for a bit with your partner. Enjoy a fine dinner and conversation with the one you love. It’s amazing how refreshing it is to put on some nice clothes and get out of the house like old times. 

4. Create a mental wellness routine together. Together, take a moment either at the beginning of the day or at the end of the day to STOP the world. Being in a good mental state goes a long way toward helping us cope with the stress. Some practices to help nourish the mind are praying together, mediation, or taking a stroll around the neighborhood. Using this mental connection is a way to decompress and relieve a stressful day. 

5. Find some alone time. Even though you two are compatible on many levels, as individuals we are all very different. It is impossible to like everything your partner likes, so it’s important that we find time to do your own thing and allow your partner space to do the same. A way to sort of re-center yourself. This can be done by listening to music, reading a book, or creating art. Anything that will allow you to escape in your headspace and come back to your relationship refreshed for your partner to get the best of you. 

So, these are just a few things that we do to help our relationship in quarantine.  We hope you find them helpful in your journey. Relationships are tough enough to navigate without being in a pandemic and having to quarantine.Team Black Lifestyle is not perfect by no means. We are a work in progress, striving every day to be better than the day before. Relationships are HARD WORK, you have to be all in if you want to give yours a chance to work.



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