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How to support your spouse or mate through a detox or new diet?

I love my wife to the moon and back, but detoxing or cleansing is one thing that she will occasionally do that is good for us but I have a hard time committing to.

The benefits of cleansing or detoxing the body is undeniable. Some the things that we eat or drink really can stop the body from working at its best. Some of these items that we use as a crutch to get through a day or even a meal is coffee, sugar or even meat.

Often its one or the other of the two partners that is all in on making the necessary adjustments to the daily dietary routine and the other is not so interested in cleansing, that not interested partner is me.

It’s important to reset the body and get rid of all the toxins and waste that build up from the foods that we consume. A poor diet can be the cause a number negative mental and physical side effects.

As we all know, there are side effects to removing some of these items from your daily routine that will cause some very uncomfortable moments when the body realizes that you have not had any those items that the body craves. The body can react in several different ways such as nausea, migraine headaches or even mental depression just to name a few. Because I become so miserable during the process of detox, my wife doesn’t push me to detox and I thankful to that. lol.

I would like to share some of my tips of still being supportive while she goes through with her detox.

1. Understanding why she is doing the detox is key to being supportive. This allows me to be genuinely encouraging through her detox process.

2. Timing is everything, while she is cleansing, I will not commit us to any kinds of events or parties that may cause her undue stress or pressure to maintain her cleanse.

3. Being more helpful. I attempt to take on some extra chores around the house to relieve some of those pressures off of her so that she can have one less thing to worry about when she gets home.

4. Pep talks. Detoxing is a hard process and often time the first few days are the toughest, so I make sure to let her know how proud of her than I am. Hopefully in the lowest moments or in times of temptation she will hear my voice of encouragement and stay strong to resist the urges to break the detox.

5. Lastly, I applaud her on her detox completion once the detox is completed. It’s a big deal, so I am sure to let her know how proud of her. I make sure that you treat her to something nice that she will enjoy, such as a night on the town, new dress, or outfit. I guarantee that not only is she feeling better mentally, she’s looking even more amazing as well.

Hopefully, some of my tips can help someone be supportive and not sabotage your partner during their cleansing phase of getting healthy.


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