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Picture taken in Montego Bay 2017

We recently celebrated our 9th wedding anniversary. It really doesn’t even seem like it’s been 9 years because the time has truly flown by. It’s been a journey but the bond we’ve created is amazing. I believe that we’ve learned so many valuable lessons early in our marriage that has helped us. We both have matured so much over the past 9 years. Marriage is not easy but it can be a great experience if you’re willing to communicate, compromise, and just chill out.

Communication is crucial in marriage or any relationship. If you are unable to communicate it will affect all areas of your life. I’ve learned that men and women do not think alike. You must find a way to tactfully communicate your feelings and expectations or you’ll stay frustrated and unhappy. You cannot assume that a man knows what you’re feeling and thinking. Another thing I’ve learned is to compromise. A marriage can’t be one sided and all about self. You can’t be selfish in a marriage. You must meet your mate half way and be willing to make hard decisions together as a team. We always look at our marriage as a team. We’re on the same team so no need to fight your team mate. If the team loses we both lose. Lastly, you must learn to just chill out. Take time to reconnect. Sometimes we get so bogged down with day to day obligations that you forget to stay connected. Be very intentional about consistently planning a date night to reconnect. Take a drive, Netflix and chill, or get a pedicure together. Whatever you decide just to take time to just chill.



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